Taking a lover is a common practice. Decorrelated from any moral judgment, is this infidelity trend favored by dedicated web applications and liberal morals a good solution to save your couple? Why is taking a lover so tempting? Sex and feelings, can we really make a distinction between the two?

Having a lover

Why is having a lover so tempting?

Taking a lover to fulfill your sexual fantasies

The first emotions of the love relationship that fall back, the companion who becomes a father, the couple who knows each other by heart... so many factors that make the nature of sexual relations change, sometimes becoming less exciting, almost boring. In addition to this, the woman's desires change and her fantasies evolve over time. In this context, taking a lover can be very tempting: to satisfy her sexual appetite but also to fulfill her fantasies, the lover represents that newness which excites, that unknown with which the woman can indulge in a liberated sexuality, without limits.

A lover to feel desired

As time passes the passion, the couple gets into a routine and sexual desire can suffer. Yet the woman needs - or at least wants - to feel desired. With a lover, the whole preliminary period of seduction begins again: the woman takes pleasure in paying attention to herself again to please her lover, and revels in being courted by a new man. The sexual desire of the lovers is at its peak: it is not damaged by the everyday life, better still it is boosted by the notion of prohibition which frames the adulterous relationship. Self-confidence, femininity, the lover exacerbates everything that makes a woman feel like a woman, and not just a mother or a companion.

Having a lover for the thrill

Beyond seduction and sex, the lover brings to the woman a thrill that spices up her daily life. The meeting is forbidden, it must remain secret: psychologically, this context adds to the excitement. By taking a lover, the woman begins a dangerous game in which she is the main actress: enough to enhance her while provoking strong sensations.

Taking a lover: what is the outcome for these adulterous encounters?

There are as many adulterous schemes as there are lovers. Some are satisfied with just one breach in the contract: an evening that slips up, a bloodbath, an uncontrollable love at first sight, and the woman goes through with it. Only once, just to see, to check. Others multiply the men, maintaining with each lover a relationship that is either ephemeral or ongoing. These followers of secret encounters cultivate the forbidden as an ingredient to preserve the balance of their couple and their family.

Regular relationship or furtive meeting, does having a lover make a woman happier? At the time, most women find the excitement and sexual pleasure they were looking for, enough to satisfy their desires and desires. Once the thrill has passed and the lover has left, when the woman returns to her daily life, she has to face divergent feelings, depending on her profile and character traits. Sometimes the woman feels guilty to the point of regret. Others, on the contrary, look back on the moments spent with their lover and derive pleasure from them. Some have in mind only to find their lover to feel again the pleasure in their arms. If taking a lover makes the woman happy at the time, her state of bliss does not always last, and the consequences of her act are sometimes difficult to assume.

Having a lover: can infidelity save the couple?

Among women who take a lover, some argue that their adulterous relationship makes them happy and fulfills them to the point of preserving the couple. In other schemes, adultery breaks up the couple: either because the man is aware of the relationship and cannot accept what he feels is betrayal, or because the woman mixes sex and feelings, with the lover becoming the object of her love.

In any case, before taking a lover, the woman may ask herself whether she is happy in her relationship. If she is, why not ask her partner to bring her what she would find in a lover? If she is not happy, communication can help to remedy it: by talking, the couple discovers what is not working and can implement the necessary means to find conjugal happiness without going through a lover. Sometimes the couple is doomed to failure and there is no other happy outcome than separation. In this case, some people prefer to stay as a couple so as not to break up the family, and the lover then represents a pleasant way out.

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