You are far from your partner but still want to maintain a relationship with him or her? Don't panic: with long-distance sex, there's no need to give up carnal pleasure, despite the miles that separate you from each other. So here are our tips for experiencing virtual sex, or love at a distance.

Love from a distance

What is long distance sex?

If you are involved in a long-distance relationship, chances are that you have already experienced a situation where you feel a strong desire for your partner, without being able to respond to it. If you are in a long relationship, your libido may even tend to run out of steam or suffer from distance. However, despite the distance, it is still possible to experience sexual pleasure and give back. This is called distance sex! Whether it's making love over the phone, through erotic videos or sexual messages, there are dozens of ways to practice sex at a distance. This type of relationship also has several advantages: it allows you to vary the pleasures, to try new experiences and to keep the flame alive in your couple. The distance can have a disinhibiting effect, and allow you to dare to do things you wouldn't necessarily do in person.

How to stimulate yourself sexually at a distance?

You wish to have an erotic relationship at a distance with your partner but don't know how to put yourself in a situation? Think about the reunion: after being separated from your partner for a while, the pleasure of seeing him or her again will be even stronger. It's a human reaction: waiting makes the desire for the other person rise. In fact, it is when you strongly desire something, but cannot have it, that you most want to possess it. The famous "run away from me I follow you, follow me I run away from you"! You can also use erotic supports such as videos, photographs or erotic stories.

Dare erotic messages

Do you feel the soul of a poet? Then, to you the stories, poems and other erotic messages! Writing is a great way to explore your fantasies and other sexual thoughts. If you enjoy writing, sexual messages can be a good way to experience sex from a distance. If you want to add a romantic side to your approach, you can opt for a handwritten letter, decorated with your perfume or a photo of you for example. You can also opt for the electronic way, by concocting "sextos" or sensual emails to the attention of your partner. Here, everything is allowed: be creative! Don't hesitate to develop your fantasies, to vary erotic scenarios, to add naughty details, etc.

Test the sex by video interposed

If you have access to a computer or a phone, you can also learn about virtual sex via video. Whether it is with a webcam or by filming yourself with a camera, video is still the most explicit way to stimulate your partner. Thanks to an internet connection and a messaging application, you can even masturbate or caress each other simultaneously, one in front of the other, each behind your screen. Of course, there is no substitute for physical contact, but this technique allows you to experience a new and very erotic form of sexual intercourse. Here again, you can be creative: costumes, props, scenery: everything is good to spice up your video and increase desire.

Zoom on the connected sextoys

Technology is increasingly being used for remote sex. Today there are connected sextoys for men and women that can be controlled remotely through the Internet. For example, you can activate your partner's vibrator, choosing the rhythm and intensity, and your partner will react to your commands. This makes it possible to practice masturbation in a connected and synchronized way: each person decides for the other. You can combine this technique with video or a phone call to see your partner's reactions live.

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