A true pillar of our skeleton, the back is a key area for our well-being. Constantly solicited, it is important to take care of it and to strengthen it in order to considerably reduce back pain. To work its musculature, by the means of an adapted physical activity, is essential today if we want to preserve our comfort as well as possible. How to remedy this ailment of the century? We offer you some advice on how to gently build up your back muscles.


Building back strength, a priority

Very widespread nowadays, back pain affects a very large part of the population (80%). The sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise are particularly pointed out. To avoid the appearance of these back pains, the first reflex is to muscle it in order to give the spine the support it needs to stand upright.

The spine is made up of vertebrae linked together by discs and is reinforced by strong ligaments and muscles. The muscles and ligaments form stays (cables) that support the spine. Attached to the spine, they act like the shrouds on a boat mast, allowing you to stand up and mobilize your back.

A muscular back helps to absorb shocks and, above all, to preserve its autonomy in the long term. To guarantee a good support of the spine, a muscular sheathing is essential, it sublimates the general aspect of the silhouette and also participates in feeling a sense of well-being and letting go.

Practice regular physical activity to protect your back.

In the community or at home, many options are available to practice a sport activity adapted to back pain. And contrary to what was once recommended, it is essential to move and limit static positions. A good muscular sheathing is a guarantee of protection against all the tensions of everyday life. Here are a few activities that are adequate to alleviate back pain:

  • Swimming: Ideal for developing and toning the back. Indeed, immersion in water allows you to work all the muscles gently while relieving the joints of the body's weight. Favour the back crawl because it works the dorsal muscles, promotes the development of the thorax and corrects the curvature of your back. 
  • Pilates : Combines strength training and relaxation. It strengthens the back while correcting bad postures and aims to bring the body back into optimal alignment. Through various exercises, Pilates stretches muscles and reduces tension. A true cohesion of body and mind, this activity is ideal for eliminating stress. 
  • Yoga: Beneficial to alleviate back pain by relaxing the muscles surrounding the spine. A few regular weekly sessions are enough to release tension while strengthening the back muscles. 
  • Walking: It is a gentle activity that helps relieve back pain. 30 minutes a day is enough to strengthen the back. (However, be careful not to walk too fast on bumpy paths) Back pain is often linked to the lack of regular physical activity due to a lack of muscle tone. It is therefore essential to strengthen your back. Acting now means thinking about tomorrow and preserving your autonomy.

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