We have the annoying habit of forcing ourselves to keep our backs straight all day long in front of our computer screens.  However, this would not be the best way to avoid back pain.

Sitting up straight all day will promote back pain.

Avoid sitting with your back straight

The goal of the game is simply to avoid back pain. It is indeed the great evil of our time when, sitting most of the day without moving, our muscles tense up and our back suffers. And what if there were other solutions than to rush to your physiotherapist when the pain has become unbearable or to swallow (too much) painkillers? This is in any case the opinion of a specialist in the field. 

Dr. Srour, physiotherapist and ergonomist, is the author of "Même pas mal! Le guide des bons gestes et des bonnes postures" published by First. In his reflection, he tells all those who suffer from back pain not to limit themselves to a simple upright sitting position, for hours on end, in front of his screen. In this case, it is always the same muscles that work. Change your reflex: move!

Change position regularly

The movement to avoid pain was also part of the latest Medicare advertising campaign. To avoid muscle twitching, change your position, relax, blow, walk, stand up, take regular breaks, stand on your toes, raise your arms and stretch your legs. And don't forget to adapt your workstation to be as comfortable as possible.

"Generally speaking, it's essential to raise the screen to eye level first. If the screen is too low, as is often the case with laptops, you will tend to roll over and feel pain," warns Frédéric Srour. The specialist also reminds us that it is necessary to move to use as many muscles as possible, relax those that work the most and promote better blood circulation throughout the body.

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