At work and in the tasks of daily life, our backs are very often damaged, which favours the appearance of back pain. Adopting the right postures according to our activity and avoiding abrupt movements are the essential bases to protect our back from the tensions it supports daily. Here are a few tips to preserve it and promote muscle relaxation. 

What are the triggers for back pain?

What are the triggers for back pain?

Regardless of our profession or lifestyle, many of us abuse our backs without being aware of it. Carrying heavy loads, unsuitable bedding, or very intense physical activity or manual work, we subject our backs to multiple shocks and "false movements" that can lead to back tension. This is why it is necessary to adapt our posture according to our activity.

And if we change these bad postural habits...

A habit by definition is a repetition. To combat bad habits, it is therefore essential to repeat the following advice daily:

Adopt good posture: Good posture is important to protect the back. It also allows you to breathe better, to refine your figure and to move more easily. To do this, make sure your neck is well aligned with your spine. It is necessary to move every 30 minutes or so, in order to avoid prolonged static positions which can lead to a misalignment of the spine with additional pressure on the lumbar curvature. 

Sleeping properly: Indeed a good bedding will actively participate in preserving the back. A firm mattress is preferable. The fetal position is to be preferred because in this position the natural curvatures of the spine are respected and avoid the cervical tensions that occur during the ventral position. Sleeping on the couch is to be proscribed because it leads to an imbalance in the natural alignment of the back. 

Adapt your workspace :

- In a seated posture, make sure you sit well at the bottom of the seat in order to balance the weight of the body on the thighs as well as possible. It is preferable not to cross your legs, to avoid any muscular tensions. If you are working in front of a screen, place your forearms on the desk to allow your shoulders to relax. This will avoid tension in the cervical area.

- In standing position, it is imperative to stand upright. Well aligned shoulders, straight head and well distributed body weight are the basis of a good posture. Indeed, if you bend forward too long, it increases the pressure on the spine. A little tip if you have to stand for a long time, put one foot on a stool. This will allow you to keep the curves in line and reduce the pressure on your spine.

Think about stretching: it is recommended to stretch at the end of the day, it helps prevent and relieve pain. Just a few minutes a day are enough. Stretching is practiced gently and without jerks. Household chores, for example, contribute to physical activity and promote stretching. You might as well take advantage of this activity to build up your muscles, because remember, a good muscular sheathing is essential to protect your back from the tensions it regularly supports.

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