-The different curries: lentils, spinach/potatoes, chickpeas/butnuts, etc.

Tips: Brown garlic and onions in olive oil, add tomatoes or coulis then spices, curry (chilli, Jamaican pepper, etc.) and leave to cook. Once the mixture is well bound and colored, coat the vegetables of your choice (previously cooked) with this sauce, for example those mentioned before, which will make up your curry, then add coconut milk or soy cream as desired, salt and sprinkle with fresh coriander.

What are the best easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes for singles?

- Different versions of the shakshuka: fresh tomatoes and garlic, sliced zucchini and garlic, eggplant, etc.

Tips: Add pieces of sheep feta cheese before the end of the cooking, they will melt with the vegetables. Eat the shakshuka with slices of bread, why not grilled with olive oil and rubbed with garlic.

- Refreshing legume salads: lentils, chickpeas, white beans, etc.

Tip 1: Legumes with a lemon sauce, olive oil, 4 spices and cinnamon; add pieces of fresh tomatoes, chopped parsley and onion, eat well chilled. Eat with slices of fresh bread.

Tip 2: Chickpeas or white beans with tahini sauce, olive oil, sliced onions, cinnamon/4 spices. Eat also with slices of fresh bread.

What are the best easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes for singles?

Asian vegetable and rice noodle broth with pieces of breaded soy cutlets or hard-boiled eggs.

Tip: Cook fresh vegetables of your choice in purchased broth, carrot sticks, zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms, flat beans, etc.; adjust the seasoning to taste (5 spices, ginger, peppers, sweet and sour sauce, sweet soy sauce, etc.) then add rice noodles, which require very little cooking time. At the same time, in a very hot frying pan, grill your breaded soy escalope or cook the hard-boiled eggs. Add them last, taking care not to soak them too much in the stock. Sprinkle with fresh coriander.


-Fried noodles with ginger or lemongrass and vegetables

Tip: In a very hot frying pan, fry garlic and onion with ginger or lemongrass in olive oil, then add a "large" amount of sliced peppers, some sliced zucchini, carrots, flat beans, soy sprouts, etc. and let it grill, adding sweet soy sauce, until it is well caramelized. Add the pre-cooked Chinese noodles, then lastly sprinkle with sesame oil (generously), sesame seed and chopped coriander.

What are the best easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes for singles?

-Vegetable seitan maffé, served with rice

Tip: Brown the pieces of seitan (homemade or bought commercially) in peanut or olive oil, with garlic and onions. Add tomato paste diluted with a little water (only so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot). Prepare the peanut sauce, with peanut butter with chilli and pepper and then again crushed garlic and onion. Add broth and the vegetables of your choice (sweet potatoes, maniocs, carrots, zucchini) and cook in the peanut sauce. Serve with rice.

served with rice

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