It hasn't escaped your notice that making love was reputed to be good for your health. Whether it's for its effects on morale, or for its virtues on health and keeping the body in shape, sex is good for us. What are the health benefits of a fulfilled sexuality?

Sex the health benefits of fulfilling sexuality

A fulfilled sexuality contributes to our well being.

It is undeniable that sex is beneficial to morale and mental well-being. Pleasure, especially orgasm, has several effects that can contribute to our good mental health: antidepressant, tranquilizer, etc. This is mainly due to the action of different hormones produced during the sexual act. Similarly, the physical contact and desire expressed during lovemaking contribute to a feeling of general well-being. A fulfilled sexuality also improves self-confidence and the image we have of ourselves. Having sex is reassuring and allows us to be aware of the desire we are arousing. Finally, by giving pleasure to our partner, we also contribute to our own: being able to make someone happy also puts us in good mental conditions.

Sex keeps you healthy

In addition to the benefits on the psyche, sex also has virtues on our health. Indeed, a regular sexual activity makes it possible to practise a physical activity and to keep in shape. Making love can also be recommended if you want to lose weight or monitor your caloric balance. 10 minutes of sex can burn up to 50 calories, and this by combining the useful with the pleasant. Just like when we do sports, sex, and even more so if practiced at a pace that suits us, also has a liberating power. It is an excellent way to let off steam and allows to evacuate toxins. Finally, the endorphins released during the act also provide a feeling of physical relaxation conducive to relaxation.

Making love helps to fight migraine and stress.

The sex, and more particularly the orgasm, also has virtues on the migraine. This is due to the action of the hormones released during pleasure and orgasm, especially endorphins. The latter provide a feeling of well-being and help to reduce pain. Sex is therefore a perfect remedy to fight the headache. Similarly, having sex also helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This is serotonin, a hormone secreted during sex, which provides a general feeling of relief and thus helps reduce anxiety, anguish and stress.

Sex helps reduce the risk of cancer

Several studies show that frequent sexual intercourse reduces the risk of certain cancers. In particular, it has been shown that there are links between regular physical activity and a reduction in prostate cancer. It is frequent ejaculation that would reduce the risk of cancer at this level. Similarly, sex is also good for heart function. In fact, making love helps maintain good blood pressure and stimulates the cardiovascular system. When we have sex, the heart rate increases, which stimulates blood circulation.

Making love improves sleep and memory.

Finally, sex is also known to be beneficial to sleep and to improve memory capacity. Indeed, during sexual intercourse, our production of oxytocin and melatonin increases. These two hormones contribute to a peaceful and restorative sleep. The feeling of relaxation that appears a few moments after orgasm is good for our morale. In addition to this feeling of relaxation, it also brings a sense of accomplishment and vigor, which are beneficial to us. Similarly, several studies have shown that sex stimulates the production of neurons, which has the effect of improving memory capacity, and this at all ages. Thus, making love helps to prevent cognitive deterioration or degeneration and to maintain one's optimal neurological capacities longer.

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