While the physiotherapist (or kinesiologist) tends to rehabilitate a part of the body damaged in the muscles or joints (sprain, crack) and to relieve pain through massage (in Canada, this is called massage therapy), the osteopath works on the whole body. He or she feels the body to detect tensions or imbalances that can cause certain discomforts or illnesses.

Pain in the back

If the cause of the pain is known for sure (such as the aftermath of an accident), it is better to go see a physiotherapist who will be able to tell you exactly what type of massage or exercise to apply. On the other hand, if the origin is more unclear, an osteopath can be a good way to identify the cause of the pain and remedy it.

Physiotherapy, which is part of the paramedical field, means "treatment through movement". Osteopathy, considered as an unconventional medicine, allows, by working on the different parts of the patient's body, to relieve ailments such as depression, tinnitus, intestinal functional disorders (constipation, heartburn, etc.). One to three sessions are generally sufficient to remedy the problem for which the patient is consulting, whereas physiotherapy sessions are often done at a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions.

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