To have a beautiful skin, it is necessary to adopt a good beauty routine, simple and regular. The secret to looking good is above all to have gestures adapted to your skin, simple to perform them assiduously. To take care of dry to oily skin, here are our secrets to beautiful skin.

How to have a beautiful skin?

A healthy lifestyle: the essential for beautiful skin.

The skin is a bit of a reflection of our lifestyle. A lack of sleep, stress, fatigue or a too oily diet are the first elements to be reflected on our face. To have a beautiful skin and to show a good look every day, the simplest way is to adopt a good lifestyle. Good cosmetics and a beauty routine adapted to your skin play an essential role, but if your skin suffers from fatigue or a poor diet, you are fighting in a vacuum against imperfections.

To have a beautiful skin, it is therefore necessary to have a regular sleep cycle: this will prevent the appearance of marked dark circles and the appearance of imperfections. A balanced diet will prevent deficiencies that could dry out your skin, or conversely, a too oily diet that would cause an excess of sebum. No miracle to look good: you'll look good if you're actually in shape. 

Adapted cosmetics to look good

To have a beautiful skin, the first good thing to do is to choose cosmetics and care products adapted to your skin. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or combination skin, it is imperative to select skin care products that correspond to your skin type.

For example, if you have oily skin, a micellar water or a make-up remover lotion will be more adapted to eliminate make-up than a make-up remover milk, richer in fatty agents. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, an oil or a make-up remover milk will allow you to avoid attacking the skin and to avoid drying it out further.

On the same principle, your moisturizer or make-up must correspond to your skin type. Oily skin should avoid foundations that are too thick so as not to suffocate the skin, which will respond with an excess of sebum. Skins with imperfections should be careful to choose make-up and a non-comedogenic moisturizing cream to prevent imperfections. Finally, dry skin will choose rich moisturizing creams to protect their skin from external aggressions and look good with supple, moisturized skin. 

Careful grooming for beautiful skin

To look good with beautiful, smooth and supple skin, you need to take care of your skin and pamper it every day. The most important moment of the day then becomes the evening wash. Throughout the day, the skin undergoes temperature changes, is exposed to pollution, UV rays, all this under a more or less thick layer of make-up.

At the end of the day, it must therefore be cared for in order to look good the next day. If you apply make-up, a meticulous make-up removal is essential: it prevents the skin from suffocating under the foundation, or the lashes from being damaged by mascara residues. Attention, even if all the make-up must be eliminated, it is useless to rub the skin too hard, a good make-up remover and delicate gestures will be enough.

To remove cosmetic and pollution residues, cleanse your face with a cleanser suitable for your face and skin type. To tighten the pores, you can perform a scrub once a week, which will remove dead skin. Finally, to allow your skin to regenerate and protect it from aggressions, finish your wash by applying a moisturizing cream. 

We cheat with some good-looking tips

Depending on our skin type, a healthy lifestyle and careful grooming are not always enough to avoid signs of fatigue and imperfections. To look good, nothing prevents us from cheating a little. Do you have dark circles? Apply an ice cube under your eyes in the morning to decongest and reduce dark circles. You can also leave your eye contour in the refrigerator. A little concealer will finish the problem to look good.

For imperfections, green correctors or green correcting foundations are very effective. They unify the complexion before applying foundation to mask redness and spots. Finally, on bad days, it can sometimes take just a little to divert attention from dark circles and imperfections: a pretty lipstick that is colored and adapted to your complexion will draw attention to your lips and make you look good immediately. 

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