Quitting smoking is far from being easy, especially if you have been smoking for several years because there is a real addiction to nicotine. Even if everyone must find the method adapted to his or her needs to quit, here are some tips to optimize your chances of success.


Quitting smoking is a challenge.

 Like any challenge, it must be prepared and thoughtful to be successful. The smoker who decides to quit must have integrated the idea that cigarettes do not give him or her pleasure: they only make up for a lack of nicotine by stimulating the release of dopamine (= a neurotransmitter). When quitting smoking, it is important to understand that you do not need a cigarette, but rather the peak dopamine release that it provides thanks to its nicotine intake. This is why tobacco is indeed a drug.

Whether you decide to quit gradually or overnight, quitting smoking must go through several psychological stages. First, it is essential to disengage from certain reflexes such as smoking after meals, smoking during a break at work, smoking over a drink with friends, etc. For many smokers, smoking is part of a daily ritual from which they must "mourn". For example, start by identifying cigarettes smoked out of habit and those that really please you, keeping in mind that all cravings for cigarettes are solely related to a lack of nicotine. It will then be easier to establish new habits without cigarettes.

When quitting smoking, considering the many health benefits it will bring is a significant motivation. We know today that tobacco is responsible for many serious disorders such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, including lung cancer, infertility and chronic bronchitis. Nevertheless, quitting smoking can correct these increased risks. For example, the risk of a heart attack decreases immediately in the days after quitting. One year after quitting, the risk is cut in half. After 5 years of abstinence, the risk is the same as someone who has never smoked.

Also consider the financial factor and the savings that quitting smoking will bring. Put the money you save aside and treat yourself to something that really makes you happy and will limit the frustration that can follow quitting.

Other benefits can also be considered, such as regaining full use of senses such as smell and taste, radical and pleasant changes related to stopping the poison of tobacco. Quitting smoking also allows you to regain normal breathing, which is an important motivation, especially if you are a sportsman.

Contrary to popular belief, cigarettes do not have a stress-relieving effect. Most smokers claim that smoking helps them relax, which is not true because smoking has been proven to have anxiety-producing effects. One study1 has shown that smokers are about 5 times more likely to suffer from anxiety. In fact, the urge to smoke arises when the body lacks nicotine.

Smoking only alleviates this lack but does not relax! The quality of life of smokers is once again diminished compared to non-smokers, who do not depend on an external substance to feel good.

Setting a quit date increases motivation because the preparation work has already been done beforehand. It is also a way to warn those close to you and to condition them at the same time as yourself to this change. Some smokers will even tend to offer you a cigarette in order to get rid of the guilt of smoking. Preventing them before quitting helps you avoid this kind of situation. Finally, the last cigarette should be smoked with a clear conscience, realizing that it is indeed the end of one era... But the beginning of another, without addiction and in better health!

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